Sunday, August 07, 2011

Error importing SQL database in Wordpress

If you get; CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS ; error, when you try to import your SQL backup into your newly installed Wordpress, then you just need to export your database again(at your old PhpMyAdmin section) and while doing it, dont forget to tick DROP all WordPress tables, when you export your SQL database.

Restoring SQL database in your new wordpress

  1. You make a back up file of your SQL database from your Cpanel -> PhpMyAdmin -> Export*** You need to DROP all WordPress tables in your database to make room for the restore(This is a check box when you are exporting your DB).
  2. You upload the file in your new hosting plan/new website on your Cpanel -> PhpMyAdmin -> Import
  3. Blank page ??? Check your themes. Faulty theme can cause blank page. Try changing to another theme.